Interpreting 10053 trace output


I am trying to analyze one sql performance issue. In 10053 trace of the SQL, one analyzed index(IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID) is reflected as Unanalyzed:
Table Stats::
  Table: OCI  Alias: OCI  (Using composite stats)
    #Rows: 119379620  #Blks:  4412959  AvgRowLen:  205.00
Index Stats::
  Index: IDX_OCI_BANK_BR_CODE  Col#: 15 16
    LVLS: 3  #LB: 578655  #DK: 20668  LB/K: 27.00  DB/K: 4191.00  CLUF: 86632520.00
    LVLS: 3  #LB: 601715  #DK: 4917119  LB/K: 1.00  DB/K: 21.00  CLUF: 107389165.00
  Index: IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID  Col#: 9
    PARTITION [6]    LVLS: 3  #LB: 55130  #DK: 24310  LB/K: 2.00  DB/K: 375.00  CLUF: 9132500.00
    (NOT ANALYZED)===========================================> The index is locally partitioned and analyzed.
    LVLS: 3  #LB: 55130  #DK: 24310  LB/K: 2.00  DB/K: 375.00  CLUF: 9132500.00
  Index: IDX_OUT_CLG_INSTRMNT_TABLE  Col#: 1 2 3 4 5 58
    LVLS: 3  #LB: 977360  #DK: 118952050  LB/K: 1.00  DB/K: 1.00  CLUF: 95676615.00
  BEGIN Single Table Cardinality Estimation
  Column (#9): INSTRMNT_ID(VARCHAR2)
    AvgLen: 17.00 NDV: 1081566 Nulls: 0 Density: 9.2459e-07
    AvgLen: 2.00 NDV: 5 Nulls: 2459035 Density: 0.2
  Column (#12): INSTRMNT_AMT(NUMBER)
    AvgLen: 5.00 NDV: 1061850 Nulls: 0 Density: 9.4175e-07 Min: 0 Max: 4000020025000
  Table: OCI  Alias: OCI    
    Card: Original: 119379620  Rounded: 1  Computed: 0.00  Non Adjusted: 0.00
  END   Single Table Cardinality Estimation
  Access Path: TableScan
    Cost:  791920.71  Resp: 791920.71  Degree: 0
      Cost_io: 716556.00  Cost_cpu: 128124159092
      Resp_io: 716556.00  Resp_cpu: 128124159092
  Access Path: index (RangeScan)
    resc_io: 106.00  resc_cpu: 868831
    ix_sel: 9.4401e-07  ix_sel_with_filters: 9.4401e-07
    Cost: 21.30  Resp: 21.30  Degree: 1
  Access Path: index (AllEqRange)
    resc_io: 114.00  resc_cpu: 934714
    ix_sel: 9.2459e-07  ix_sel_with_filters: 9.2459e-07
    Cost: 22.91  Resp: 22.91  Degree: 1
****** trying bitmap/domain indexes ******
  Access Path: index (AllEqRange)
    resc_io: 4.00  resc_cpu: 50686
    ix_sel: 9.2459e-07  ix_sel_with_filters: 9.2459e-07
    Cost: 1.01  Resp: 1.01  Degree: 0
  Access Path: index (IndexOnly)
    resc_io: 4.00  resc_cpu: 51086
    ix_sel: 9.4401e-07  ix_sel_with_filters: 9.4401e-07
    Cost: 1.01  Resp: 1.01  Degree: 0
    SORT resource      Sort statistics
      Sort width:        3070 Area size:     1048576 Max Area size:   536862720
      Degree:               1
      Blocks to Sort:       1 Row size:           21 Total Rows:            112
      Initial runs:         1 Merge passes:        0 IO Cost / pass:          0
      Total IO sort cost: 0      Total CPU sort cost: 1734406
      Total Temp space used: 0
  ****** finished trying bitmap/domain indexes ******
  Best:: AccessPath: IndexRange  Index: IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_AMT_ZDATE
         Cost: 21.30  Degree: 1  Resp: 21.30  Card: 0.00  Bytes: 0The query is using 'IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_AMT_ZDATE' index which is resulting in 542,193.8 gets/exec, whereas if the query uses index 'IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID' the gets will reduce to 1660 per execution.
Since the index 'IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID' is appearing to be not analyzed to CBO, it's not picked by the plan. What could be the reason that 10053 is reflecting the index as not analyzed.
Miscellaneous Information:
The query:
FROM      oci
where      oci.INSTRMNT_ID = LPAD( :b2 , :b3 , :b4 )
AND      OCI.STATUS_FLG in ( :b5 , :b6 )
AND       OCI.INSTRMNT_AMT = LPAD( :b7 , :b8 , :b9 )
| Id  | Operation                            | Name                      | Rows  | Bytes | Cost  | Time      | Pstart| Pstop |
| 0   | SELECT STATEMENT                     |                           |       |       |    21 |           |       |       |
| 1   |  SORT AGGREGATE                      |                           |     1 |    24 |       |           |       |       |
| 3   |    INDEX RANGE SCAN                  | IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_AMT_ZDATE|   112 |       |     1 |  00:00:01 |       |       |
Predicate Information:
3 - access("OCI"."INSTRMNT_AMT"=TO_NUMBER(LPAD(:B7,:B8,:B9)))
INDEX_NAME                     COLUMN_NAME                    COLUMN_POSITION
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_AMT_ZDATE     INSTRMNT_AMT                                 1
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_AMT_ZDATE     CLG_ZONE_DATE                                2
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            INSTRMNT_ID                                  1
CLG_ZONE_DATE        DATE                     822          0 .001216545 NONE
INSTRMNT_AMT         NUMBER               1010184          0 9.8992E-07 NONE
INSTRMNT_ID          VARCHAR2             1077892          0 9.2774E-07 NONE


IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART1                                 0          3      134940          25616770 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART10                                0          2        2047            370408 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART11                                0          1          51              8503 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART2                                 0          2       67630          12927440 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART3                                 0          2       57235          10958505 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART4                                 0          2       51985           9934295 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART5                                 0          2       48395           9260565 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART6                                 0          2       50560           9680680 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART7                                 0          2       44935           8600995 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART8                                 0          2       41030           7858735 29-07-2010 YES
IDX_OCI_INSTRMNT_ID            NO  IDXG1_OCI_PART9                                 0          3       73820          14134540 29-07-2010 YES
COM = Composite
GLO = [email protected],
I have already gone through the article by Wolfgang. The index should not be reflected as 'Not analyzed' in 10053 trace files.
BTW..The database version is

November 30, -0001

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