Interfacing with VB Bulletin: formatting issues


I have an iMac, G4, and I am trying to interface with a novel critique group that uses VB Bulletin. Problem is that while everybody using Windows PC's can simply copy/paste from Word, WordPad, Lotus, WordPerfect, and even email, keeping the colors and formatting, when I post, no matter what I try, I get just black text on white.
I need the colors and text differences. Anyone know how I can get it to work?


Thanq Mike,
I did these. My issue is I have a structure
When we drilldown on the structure to see G/L Account and/or Sub Account (or any characteristic), the results are repeated for each row (Which is understandable).  They do not want see the detail for every row in the structure because some are calculations.  <b>Where there are calculations on the row structure, they just want to see the calculation total</b>.
The second issue is that some of the rows would require drilldown by cost center or some other element and we would not want to see the other drilldown characteristics (g/l account, Sub Account, etc.) on these select rows.
Is there a Visual Basic Solution for this...
Please help...

November 30, -0001

Interfacing with VB Bulletin: formatting issues

I have an iMac, G4, and I am trying to interface with a novel critique group that uses VB Bulletin. Problem is that while everybody using Windows PC's can simply copy/paste from Word, WordPad, Lotus, WordPerfect, and even email, keeping the colors an

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