Installing jms support in Oracle Workflow 2.6.2


Hello everybody,
We are doing a pilot to a client that is looking for a workflow engine. We want to offer him Oracle Workflow 2.6.2.
The client ask us to do a pilot where he can send event using java through JMS. I have found in OTN a document about this, named wfjmswp.pdf, and some files to create two new queue and the agent in the workflow environment that handle this queue.
There are three files ended in .pls and four ended in .sql. The first ones, the .pls file, I don't know how I must loaded into the database, they seem to be pl/sql package. The .sql I have tried to execute but they don't work. I must say that I have little experience like oracle administrator.
┬┐Can anybody help us please? It's an important client and a big opportunity to sell him oracle products.
Thank you very much in advance.


I finally get the scripts to run, I finally use sqlplus but I change the scripts without the 2 last line (commit and exit) and I do this directly in the sqlplus.

November 30, -0001

Installing jms support in Oracle Workflow 2.6.2

Hello everybody, We are doing a pilot to a client that is looking for a workflow engine. We want to offer him Oracle Workflow 2.6.2. The client ask us to do a pilot where he can send event using java through JMS. I have found in OTN a document about

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