Installed Oracle Warehouse Builder which broke SQL Developer


Version 1.5.4 build MAIN-5940
SQL Developer worked fine. I installed Oracle Warehouse Builder and now SQL Developer cannot make a connection when I click on a connetion in the connectons window. When I look at the properties of the connection they look fine and when I click the "test" button I get a success message. When I click the "connect" button it appears to connect. However, When I click a connection on the navigator window I get this error message
Invalid connection information specified.
Verify the URL format for the speicified driver.
Vendor Code 0
I reinstalled SQL Developer but no help.


Don't know OWB, but I asume it installs some version of client, which could be picked up by sqldev.
If the problem really is that client, here's something that usually does it: trick sqldev by changing your ORACLE_HOME within a batch file inside sqldev's folder. This would force using the supplied thin driver:
start sqldeveloper.exeHope that helps,

November 30, -0001

Installed Oracle Warehouse Builder which broke SQL Developer

Version 1.5.4 build MAIN-5940 SQL Developer worked fine. I installed Oracle Warehouse Builder and now SQL Developer cannot make a connection when I click on a connetion in the connectons window. When I look at the properties of the connection they lo

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