Indesign XML workflow, how to handle footnote (CS3)


Hi Dave/All,
Nearly 3 moths i'm struggling more with doing footnote. Is it possible or not i.e. xmlElement move to the footnote
Any one help me pls!!!
Thanks in Advance


Hi Sudar,
Have you got the solution now?
If not, may try with the help of anchor tool?
If you found any other solution, kindly share.

November 30, -0001

Indesign XML workflow, how to handle footnote (CS3)

Hi Dave/All, Nearly 3 moths i'm struggling more with doing footnote. Is it possible or not i.e. xmlElement move to the footnote Any one help me pls!!! Thanks in Advance sudarHi Sudar, Have you got the solution now? If not, may try with the help of an

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