Importing Format Questions


Ok when you import a cd as mp3 format, when I check the file it gives me the name of the song, artist and album. Now when I import using the AAC format it just says track # and song, also when u go into proterties it doesnt tell you any info about the song at all.
Is there a way to get the info u get from a mp3 in a AAC? Is there also a way to get album art and stuff the music that I imported off my cd? I know WMP does that when you play the songs.
Also if I import a CD in AAC format and try to burn it onto a CD will it work in my car? Its only mp3 from what I know.


Hi - I know this was posted months ago but I happened to run into a similar situation and found a solution.  Instead of using the partial scoring with the ~%XX% syntax, I just used an equal sign for all of the correct answers.  This makes it all or nothing, as opposed to giving credit for some checking some of the correct answers.
Also, when using the partial scoring, make sure that the total percentage you're divvying up does not go over 100%.
Hope this helps (you or someone else)! 

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Importing Format Questions

Ok when you import a cd as mp3 format, when I check the file it gives me the name of the song, artist and album. Now when I import using the AAC format it just says track # and song, also when u go into proterties it doesnt tell you any info about th

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