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I'll start by saying I'm new to video editing and adobe premiere pro.  Forgive me if what I ask has been asked repeatedly before but I can't find an answer to my question through keyword searchs of google and these forums.
That said I have a canon vixia HF M31 HD camcorder.  I thought it was 1080p but investigating on the web it seems like my frame rate settings are 60i and 30p but 30p is really 30i??  I'm a little confused about this.  I've been recording in what the camcorder tells me is 60i at 24Mbps but when I put the files on my windows 7 PC the file description and adobe tell me the video is 29.97 fps. 
I'm using adobe premiere pro CS6.0.1 and adobe media encoder CS6 6.01.31(64 bit) in a windows 7 environment.  8 gig of DDR3 ram, 3.18 ghz intel dual core processor overclocked to 3.50 ghz and an nvidia 570 gtx video card.
So when I set up a new project I originally thought my video was 1080p at 60i so thats the preset I used in adobe.  So my first question is, why is my camcorder saying 60i and my pc telling me its 30(not sure how to tell p or i from file description) and two if my sequence settings are in fact wrong because its really 1080i 30i do I need to start the project over?  I've done all my edits already.  Is it simply a matter of copy and pasting the edits/music into a new sequence with the appropriate settings?
My last question is regarding what appears to be frame rate lag or slightly jerky picture during pans/zoom outs of wide shots.  Most of the video of close up and medium shots plays smooth after I encode it but theres a few wide shots where I pull out showing off the entire landscape of a garden I was shooting and it gets a little jerky.  Its slight but definitely noticeable.  However when I watch the original .mts files of the same shots in VLC they playback smooth.  So something is happening in the adobe process that is making them jerky.  Can anyone help me out with how to smooth those shots out??
Thank you guys so much for your help.  Having a blast with this new hobby but as you know, so much material to learn!


frame rate settings are 60i and 30p but 30p is really 30i??  I'm a little confused about this.
You're not the first.  Camera makers have yet to get this one right, and that causes a LOT of confusion for a lot of people.  Here's how it works.
Long format notation lists the horizontal resolution, followed by an i for interlaced or p for progressive, a slash, and then the frame rate.  Like this:
480i/30 (Normal video)
480p/24 (Film look video)
1080i/30 (HD video)
720p/60 (Another HD video standard)
Short format notation drops the resolution and the slash, and moves the i or p after the frame rate.  Like this:
Now you'll notice that in both cases, only the frame rate is listed.  Camera makers screw up this standard notation by listing the field rate (a field is half a frame) for interlaced settings.  But this is not correct.  So when a format should correctly be listed as 30i (30 interlaced frames per second), camera makers incorrectly list it as 60i (60 interlaced fields per second).  This is wrong for two reasons.  First, proper notation is to list only the frame rate, so technically speaking, 60i actually means 60 interlaced frames per second, and there just is no such thing.  You can have 60 progressive frames, but not 60 interlaced.  And second, interlacing implies fields.  It's understood.  So saying "interlaced fields" is a bit like saying a "female woman".  It's a rather ridiculous phrasing because all woman are female.  You can say woman, or female, but no one says both.  With video, you can say it's interlaced (this is what the "i" means), or you can say that it has fields instead of whole frames, but not both.  It's absurd.  And since everyone by default uses the "i", you just don't ever list the field rate in the specs.  You use i or p, and list only frame rate.
So, the upshot here is that 60i is the incorrect way of saying 30i.  30p is actually something different.  30i means 30 interlaced frames, 30p means 30 progressive frames.  Both are genuine formats, and both are correctly annotated.  If you shoot in 60i mode on your camera, you're actually shooting in 30i, and this is what PP is showing you.
The final piece of the puzzle is that the actual frame rate for video is 30,000/1001 frames per second.  But saying or even writing that is very cumbersome, so it get's shortened to 29.97, and that often get's further shortened to just 30.

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Importing/exporting question

I'll start by saying I'm new to video editing and adobe premiere pro.  Forgive me if what I ask has been asked repeatedly before but I can't find an answer to my question through keyword searchs of google and these forums. That said I have a canon vi

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