Importing 1080p video from panasonic hdd-sd600


looking to import the video.  All online forums suggest downlooading various pieces of s/w.  Is there any other way?


With the new iMovie (version 10), you can import directly into iMovie.  Also, with Final Cut Pro X, you can import directly.
If you have an older version of iMovie, like Version 9 (also known as iMovie 11) or prior, you need additional software, like ClipWrap or Voltaic HD.
iMovie could always import 1080P. The thing that makes it hard is to do it at 60 frames per second. Older iMovies can import at 30 frames per second, but only the new iMovie can import from this camera at the full 60 frames per second.  The extra software converts it from 60 frames per second into a usable form. Get the new iMovie and you don't have to worry about it.

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Importing 1080p video from panasonic hdd-sd600

looking to import the video.  All online forums suggest downlooading various pieces of s/w.  Is there any other way?With the new iMovie (version 10), you can import directly into iMovie.  Also, with Final Cut Pro X, you can import directly. If you ha

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I saw, that there have already been some discussions about importing 50p footage with FCP X in this forum. In particluar I found one thread No 1080/50P support.. WHY?! where I understood, that import should work from a Panasonic camera, at least when

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Hi, I need to import/capture into FCP from a dvd. When dvd files are open on my Mac it show VOB fotmat for video. I imported those files but they don't have audio, also the total time is 20 minutes but when imported into FCP it shows only bout 25 sec

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