Import panasonic p2 in fcp6


am i stupid or my fcp6 screwed? i cant find the import option for panasonic p2 in my new fcp 6 (purchased version). i read the manual (HD) n they advice to log n transfer materials, seems to take a long time n group all clips into one.


thanx shane,
i just find it schade that fcp 6 doesnt offer the import option of panasonic p2.
the groupin happened luckily once, all clips appeared as one long clip but after i directed to the volume I wanted, they showed. I selected clips n add selection to queue.
now i'm having prob with camera n editing will really happen in 3 weeks. do u know much bout ag hvx?
i admire ur brain, btw.

November 30, -0001

Import panasonic p2 in fcp6

am i stupid or my fcp6 screwed? i cant find the import option for panasonic p2 in my new fcp 6 (purchased version). i read the manual (HD) n they advice to log n transfer materials, seems to take a long time n group all clips into one.thanx shane, i

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