Import P2 question


On FCP 5.1.4 - different than 5.1 - I'm trying to import P2 footage from the raw files. When I go to Import: Panasonic P2, I see no command to begin importing the raw files. How do I do that in 5.1.4?


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October 11, 2015

No option to import GIFT question as pretest

I'm importing a gift file, and it appears to default to "Graded", with no option to change it to Pretest.  Not a huge problem with smaller courses but it would be nice to import pretest questions as well. Unless I'm just missing something?I thin

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Ok I don't know much about this but, How much audio quality do you lose when you import from a CD? Also, if the answer is lots, then does iTunes use that lossless audio encoder called apple lossless and if not where can I get and what do I need to us

EDL Exporting and Importing 101 - Questions

We are testing Premiere's EDL exporting and importing capabilities for the first time, and are having issues. We set up a very simple test project with only 13 clips and a timeline with only 10 edits. This is what it looks like: http://img819.imagesh

Playing imported HDV question

I use Final Cut Studio 2 at school, and import off our HDV camcorders using Final Cut. I've noticed the format used is Quicktime MOV with the HDV codec. Is there any way to play these files back on a pc running Windows Vista? I don't have Final Cut o

An ever-ubituous import library question ???

So here's my dillemma: My desktop computer is slooooooooo. My laptop is fast. My large (over 100 gig) library is on my desktop computer -- well, really it's on an external hard drive, but the itunes I use is on the desktop. If I import the library fr

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Device is the Nokia E5-00 and Ovi suite version is Whil;e importign media files, is it possible that:  a. only the files get imported, no folders b. after a successful import, the data is automatically deleted from the phoneYes, but I don't

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Ok when you import a cd as mp3 format, when I check the file it gives me the name of the song, artist and album. Now when I import using the AAC format it just says track # and song, also when u go into proterties it doesnt tell you any info about th

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lately, my battery has been dying quickly... are you supposed to use the little white dock/stand that comes with the iphone to charge it, or can you charge it by just plugging the iphone into the usb-> to wall... i have been doing the usb to wall and

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hello. i managed to get both the menu + JMF programs below compiling. when i choose a media file from a directory, the file chooser closes down and the window that the audio or video is supposed to be played on opens up. but the window is blank. how

Imported graphic question

I made a graphic of a "tabbed folder" in a graphics program (Photoshop). Just imagine a manilla folder with a tab at the top. I saved it off as a PNG 24 graphic. When I imported it into Flash (using Flash Pro 8), the area to the right of the tab

Basic importing/exporting question

I have been creating web videos for some time for a few companies. I bring all of the clips in as dv files, mess with them in FCP, then export to mov. I then use CS4 encoder to convert them to mp4's. Works great. My question is I have a project where

Import Folder question

I have all of my photos organized on a hard drive in folders and subfolders. For example: Main Photos>2009>RAW136>20091112Grandmas Birthday. When I import into Aperture do I have to point to each individual subfolder or is there a way to point to

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Hi. I want to import on portal an export file from a component from portal Is that a problem? Does upgrading the portal to the latest 3.0.9. version infects the components already on it? Thanks!Anybody?Read other 2 answers

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When I connect my iPhone and Import photos, somethimes I am asked if I want to import duplicates as it seems some photos are already on my Mac probably via iCloud. But if I say Do not import duplicates, does that mean that when I reach 1,000 photos i

Importing/exporting question

I'll start by saying I'm new to video editing and adobe premiere pro.  Forgive me if what I ask has been asked repeatedly before but I can't find an answer to my question through keyword searchs of google and these forums. That said I have a canon vi

Importing pictures question

when we import photos into photoshop is the picture actually copied into the photoshop system?  If yes, can we then delete the pictures off the hard drive?  To me import means create/load a copy of the picture into photoshop and therefore no lonager

Import P2 question

On FCP 5.1.4 - different than 5.1 - I'm trying to import P2 footage from the raw files. When I go to Import: Panasonic P2, I see no command to begin importing the raw files. How do I do that in 5.1.4?Got me. Shane's Stock Tip Mantra: If the program w

IMPORTANT: tranfer question

Hi, How do i transfer Mp3 files that are on my SD card to my phone so that I can transfer more stuff? Thanks. Post relates to: Centro (Sprint)How do I transfer music from my sd card to my p tune application on my phone? Post relates to: Centro (Sprin