Import issue - folders view not refreshing


I have a peculiar issue, a disk which I process some images on was recently rebuilt and in Aperture it still shows the old disk folder structure. The disk is a RAID array and I can't figure out why the old folders still show. The main issue is that new folders I have created are not visible.
Any ideas?


Aperture shows what I would call disk folder structure, I press import icon or shortcut to import, a pane opens with source disks I can select from, which I navigate through. The data held there is not correct, it seems to have held onto disks that I no longer have attached and within disks it holds onto old folders, which don't exist anymore. This only started happening after the 1.5 upgrade, so there must be some cache somewhere not being emptied.

November 30, -0001

Import issue - folders view not refreshing

All, I have a peculiar issue, a disk which I process some images on was recently rebuilt and in Aperture it still shows the old disk folder structure. The disk is a RAID array and I can't figure out why the old folders still show. The main issue is t

Import issue - folder view not refreshing

I found this old thread that describes the problem I am having.  The solution was to go into terminal but I don't know how to do that.  Can someone please walk me thru it?  Thanks a bunch!!!Neverm

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