Import from Panasonic NV-GS 320


I've tried several times to capture video from my NV-GS 320 with FCE. It works fine with iMovie, but FCE won't import. It says something like "tape might be damaged". When I import the files captured with iMovie to FCE, they do not show in 16:9 full screen mode, but are smaller than that. Anyone has an answer to that problem?


More info please.
What QuickTime version are you running?
Which FCE version?
Which Easy Setup have you selected?
Are you a PAL or NTSC user?
Did you shoot at 12 or 16 bit audio?

November 30, -0001

Import from Panasonic NV-GS 320

I've tried several times to capture video from my NV-GS 320 with FCE. It works fine with iMovie, but FCE won't import. It says something like "tape might be damaged". When I import the files captured with iMovie to FCE, they do not show in 16:9

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how to import from Panasonic DMC-ZS10 to I Movie?You are probably not running the ancient original verion of OS 10.1 as shown! So what version are you running? What mac do you have? What version of iMovie do you have?Read other 2 answers

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Hi I'm a newbie to Mac and movie recorders. I just purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD5 today and connected it to the mac (intel, since that seems to be a requirement with AVCHD cams). I open iMovie and it automatically open the import screen. I'm choosing

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Panasonic MiniDV tape camcorder model NV GS 25 GC (Software MotionDV STUDIO that came along with the camera indicates that is is compatible with Windows OS only. The website for the software also indicates compatibility with Windows OS only.) I have

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When I try to import a movie from my Panasonic PV-G150, I get a "Communication Error." Have a firewire plugged in. What gives?I had the same problem. To use the Panasonic PV-GS500 with iMovie on a Mac you need to connect it using firewire to the

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I reviewed this archived discussion thread iphoto and panasonic lumix dmc-fz28 raw (.rw2) files support and thought I found a solution, but the RPP app suggested still doesn't work.  My problem is that my MAC (OS 10.7.4) will not recognize my camera

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I have FCE 3.5, and to import from my Panasonic SDR-H18 hard disk drive camcorder I need to convert from MPEG-4 to DV using MPEG Streamclip. Can I import video directly from my Panasonic via a USB port to FCE 4, reading MPEG-4 without converting to D

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iMovie 8 (7.1) crashes hard every time after importing about 30sec. of DV from Panasonic PV-GS80 via FireWire. Upon restarting iMovie, the clip is generally OK. The same H/W works every time using iMovie 6.0.4, and this video can be imported to iMovi

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looking to import the video.  All online forums suggest downlooading various pieces of s/w.  Is there any other way?With the new iMovie (version 10), you can import directly into iMovie.  Also, with Final Cut Pro X, you can import directly. If you ha

Import from Camera creates multiple clips

When importing from a DV camera via Firewire into Final Cut X, I get mixed results.  Almost always, it will create several clips, where it should only be 1.  There is no starting and stopping the camera, just one hour of non-stop video.  Between each

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Glacially-slow import from camera

I am using iPhoto 7.1.3 on a dual 2 GHz PowerMac running 10.4.11 with 2 GB RAM. Tons of free hard drive space. Importing photos from my Panasonic DMC-FZ10 camera, formerly (3-4 months ago?) taking about 2-3 seconds per photo, is now taking a glacial

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I have been using Photos since it was released without any issues except that I can't seem to import from SD cards.  Trying to import from either the internal SD slot on my Mac Mini or externally connected card readers fails.  When I choose file, imp

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can i sync my iphone to a new pc without losing music that was not purchased but imported from cd? or will it only sync purchased music? thanks xIf you're trying to sync your iphone to a different computer than the one that you used to import your CD

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I have attepted to import AVCHD files from my Canon XA20 Camcorder to FC Express with no success. I then attepted to import the same files into iMovie with success. I have 2 questions. 1. How can I import AVCHD files direct int FC Express. 2. To impo

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With the upcoming demise of the MobileMe Galleries, I'm making lots of changes to how photos are organized. I'm moving the galleries to a new host. But, I want to pull most of the events, etc from iPhoto 11 to Aperture. iPhoto 11 has been a nightmare

Importing,photos,from,a,scanner.,,when,I,import,from,my,epson,exp-860,scanner,and,go,to,de velop,in,lightproof,,only,photos,imported,as,JPEG,have,a,active,,WEB,adjustment.,,tiff,and ,JPEG,have,a,grayed,out,WEB,Adjustment.  Is this normal?

Importing,photos,from,a,scanner.,,when,I,import,from,my,epson,exp-860,scanner,and,go,to,de velop,in,lightproof,,only,photos,imported,as,JPEG,have,a,active,,WEB,adjustment.,,tiff,and ,JPEG,have,a,grayed,out,WEB,Adjustment.  Is this normal?William Lloy

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Hello, I read the import instructions for moving music files from my Ipod to my new PC; however, my old PC died before I had a chance to complete those steps. When I plugged in my Ipod to the new PC, it only moved the purchased songs. Can I still mov