Import from Panasonic MiniDV tape to iMovie08


Panasonic MiniDV tape camcorder model NV GS 25 GC
(Software MotionDV STUDIO that came along with the camera indicates that is is compatible with Windows OS only. The website for the software also indicates compatibility with Windows OS only.)
I have MBP with Leopard OS.
When i connect the camera to the MBP, the digital photos taken in the camcorder can be shifted to iPhoto but the movie recorded in the tape is not recognized. The device 'NO NAME' has two folders. DCIM which has the still photos. MISC has a file AUTPRINT.MRK which I guess is the file for movie is not recognized.
Kindly suggest how to solve this problem. I need to transfer the MiniDV tape recorded data to iMovie08
from a user new to MAC world.


Try this.
This Camcorder has both USB and Firewire connections. Use the Firewire connection for importing into iMovie. You may need to acquire a firewire cable, but a firewire cable should have been included with your camera..
Camcorder must be plugged in (not on batteries).
Open iMovie.
Connect the Camcorder with Firewire.
Turn on Camcorder to Playback mode or PC mode (depends on camcorder)
Camcorder should be recognized.
Import the video from within iMovie 08.
USB connections work on some camcorders (those that store video to SD cards). Those that use mini-DV tape should use firewire.
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Import from Panasonic MiniDV tape to iMovie08

Panasonic MiniDV tape camcorder model NV GS 25 GC (Software MotionDV STUDIO that came along with the camera indicates that is is compatible with Windows OS only. The website for the software also indicates compatibility with Windows OS only.) I have

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