Import from Panasonic HDC-SD5 fails


I'm a newbie to Mac and movie recorders. I just purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD5 today and connected it to the mac (intel, since that seems to be a requirement with AVCHD cams). I open iMovie and it automatically open the import screen.
I'm choosing "archive all", which fails. The message is: Insufficent access privileges for operation. The path referenced is: /Volumes/NO NAME/PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM/00000.MTS.
Since I have very low knowledge about the Mac and it's programs and functions, I'd be very happy for any help available..
I do know that I have:
- OS X 10.5.6
- iMovie 09 8.0.2 (741)
Thanks in advance


"dizzy"..? ..Wearing a blonde wig when shooting?
I don't know what you mean by "dizzy". Mine are absolutely sharp.
See what you think ..forget the jerky clips at the start, but about halfway through, when the blob is just above the word 'Small' beneath the playback window and the caption says "Panasonic three-teeny-chips SD5 AVCHD camcorder" ..or drag the little blob till it's just above the "a" of "Small".. here's what I got recently with my SD5.
That Gallery page doesn't show the video quite as bright and vibrant as it is on the camcorder; maybe the slightly diminished brightness is an effect of the conversion into MPEG-4 playback and compression for the web page.
The SD5's Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) tries to hold the picture steady when the camera's being jiggled a bit, but if the camera is jiggled a lot, then the picture may seem a bit jerky if the OIS cannot compensate sufficiently. So if you shoot from a moving car, or on a fairground ride, or anywhere else that's bucking and swaying (a boat?) the footage may look a bit jerky. But "dizzy"..?
If the picture's a little "fuzzy", i.e; unsharp, it may be because you've got grease or finger marks on the lens. Turn the camera on so that the lens shutters open - or unscrew the knurled steel grip around the lens so that it pops off - and look at the front of the lens: are there marks on it? If so, remove that knurled-screw lens cover, put a teeniest-weeniest dab of Badedas (or similar) shower gel, or some washing up liquid, on the lens, then moisten a cotton bud and gently swab the moist cotton bud over the lens till you've removed all traces of grease. Then wipe dry with another cotton bud, or the corner of a dry, clean, lint-free cloth, like a dish-drying towel. Carefully replace the knurled-knob lens shutter assembly onto the camera body, and gently screw it back in, without cross-threading it.
If your unsharpness comes from some other source (..i.e; not grease on the lens..) you may want to play your videos on a couple of different displays, in case it's an unsharp display which is producing the "dizziness".
What about stills shot as stills with the camera? ..Are they "dizzy" too?
Here's a still I made from a video which I shot of Karsten and I at the Munich Apple Store."
Click on the link above for a large, clear image..
Note that I had a screw-on wide-angle adaptor on the camera, so the edges of the picture are warped and blurred, with terrible colour fringe-ing. But look at the table and the items on it in the centre of the picture: looks OK to me.
Perhaps you can explain more precisely what you mean by "dizzy" ..but my videos are all sharp, clear, stable, and satisfactory.

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Import from Panasonic HDC-SD5 fails

Hi I'm a newbie to Mac and movie recorders. I just purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD5 today and connected it to the mac (intel, since that seems to be a requirement with AVCHD cams). I open iMovie and it automatically open the import screen. I'm choosing

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