Import from Camera creates multiple clips


When importing from a DV camera via Firewire into Final Cut X, I get mixed results.  Almost always, it will create several clips, where it should only be 1.  There is no starting and stopping the camera, just one hour of non-stop video.  Between each of the clip sets, I am missing a single frame.  When I do this import, I might get 2 clips.  Do it again, I get 6 clips.
However, if I use iMove, it comes in as a single clip.
I've tried this on 2 computers (Mac Pro and Macbook Pro) with the same result.
I also had this problem with Final Cut Pro 7.
Any ideas?


i have this bug too. resizing the window, and then hitting play will show the whole window. i have a Panasonic HDC-SD7. it works, but a very annoying.

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Import from Camera creates multiple clips

When importing from a DV camera via Firewire into Final Cut X, I get mixed results.  Almost always, it will create several clips, where it should only be 1.  There is no starting and stopping the camera, just one hour of non-stop video.  Between each

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