Imovie hd theme flickering


I have used the pass through theme several times with no problem, both with dv and hdv.
I have just discovered now (after 5 attempts) that the rendered theme flickers between the blurry part and what looks like a high contrast. This is difficult to describe, but it looks like part of the underlying picture switches between a very high contrast version of the picture and the blurry part of the pass through. Why would the theme generator all of a sudden produce a bad result after several successful attempts?
I did a search for this problem, but cannot find a similar issue.
I certainly would appreciate any information that could shed some light on this problem.


Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not that type of flicker. It is a big block part of the picture that oscillates between regular blurry part and what seems to be color posturize effect.
The background picture that I am using was a screen shot from the footage and this might be part of the problem as when I use a picture from iphoto, I don't have this problem. But, I have used a screen shot before several times and have not experienced this before.
It is a weird phenomenon, but if anyone has seen this before, I would sure appreciate any info.
Macbook Mac OS X (10.4.10)

November 30, -0001

Imovie hd theme flickering

I have used the pass through theme several times with no problem, both with dv and hdv. I have just discovered now (after 5 attempts) that the rendered theme flickers between the blurry part and what looks like a high contrast. This is difficult to d

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