I am unable to get order by column name in oracle report parameter form


i created query like following in query builder
and i created parameter form for these two bind variables :P_NHD,:P_COL
in,:P_COL i wrote lov as Select trim(COLUMN_NAME) from user_tab_columns where table_name='L_CASE_MASTER_MAIN'  to get all the columns.
in parameter form i am able to get all the columns but when i am generating report it is not giving results as per my ordered column.
kindly let me know the solution
Report Version :Oracle Reports 11g
Db Version:Oracle  11g


Ordering the column first takes place from the Data Model Itself.
Please Check your column ordering in the report data model. If it is not ordered in a right way then Rearrange it.
Remove your order by in query...
If any issues... let me know

October 11, 2015

I am unable to get order by column name in oracle report parameter form


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