HTML font size in Oracle Reports 11g


I am migrating from Oracle Reports 10g in OAS to Reports 11g in WebLogic.
However when I display all changed reports using Web Browser (same), the font size is changed(comparing the 10g reports to 11g reports). I would like to keep unchanged.
(command using DESTYPE=HTML)
May anybody can give me some guidance? (would like to see if there are any file or setting in EM which can alter the size of font in web)
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There is a better forum: {forum:id=84} for your question

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HTML font size in Oracle Reports 11g

I am migrating from Oracle Reports 10g in OAS to Reports 11g in WebLogic. However when I display all changed reports using Web Browser (same), the font size is changed(comparing the 10g reports to 11g reports). I would like to keep unchanged. (comman

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