HT3481 Panasonic TZ40 camera, single video import problem


Connecting my new Panasonic TZ40 camera by cable to my iMac (lion OS- iMovie 11) uploads stills OK but video is a problem, the camera format is AVCHD. A single video uploads 9 separate files - see below - and without the audio sound track.
The .MTS has a big memory (the others are very small) and will play in VLC player I have on my Mac, but without sound. I tried running it through a video convertor software which converts it successfully to AVI without audio, as you would expect because the original has no sound in the .MTS file.
I was aware that Mac did not readily support AVCHD in the past but was assured by the Camera shop that it was now OK - which it plainly is not. Is there an easy workaround without losing the HD quality, or would I be wise to take it back to the camera shop and choose another camera manufacturer that is more compatible with a Mac, if so what make would other members recommend.
My previous camera was a Samsung which recorded AVI files which I uploaded and was able to import into iMovie without any problems.


I have sorted the sound issue, it was an unrelated problem to the Panasonic TZ40 recording.
However, I think there may be a misunderstanding of the importing of the video/movie from the camera. I import the camera stills and video/movies directly into a computer folder through the Adobe Bridge 'Get images from camera' icon. I do not want to import video/movies directly into iMovie as I do not always need to edit them imediatly (if at all sometimes) and I prefer the originals to be in a folder. I have tried settings of 50 and 50i but still get the same results.
I have converted the .MTS file to a .AVI (and other formats) which iMovie successfully opens, but the .MTS file at 100MB is reduced to 50MB in .AVI and others. My concern is that one of the reasons I bought this camera was for its HD1920 video/movie, if the pre edited conversion is going to reduce the quality then the camera does not do what I asked of the seller.
Basically if I cannot make use of the HD1920 facility in this camera then I need another make which will import an HD1920 video/movie in a format that Mac can hold in a folder and iMovie can import at that quality. If anyone has any recommendations I would be glad to hear them.

October 11, 2015

HT3481 Panasonic TZ40 camera, single video import problem

Connecting my new Panasonic TZ40 camera by cable to my iMac (lion OS- iMovie 11) uploads stills OK but video is a problem, the camera format is AVCHD. A single video uploads 9 separate files - see below - and without the audio sound track. .MTS .CPI

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