How to use csv files in OWB


Hi Experts
I have one UNIX server and i my user is putting the csv files on windows machine. I want
1. If User put some new csv file in windows machine it should automatically reflect in UNIX machine.
2. If user enter some data in windows csv files then it should be reflect in UNIX csv files automatically
3. Now I want to connect my OWB with these UNIX csv fils. my csv files are in /home/oracle.source directory.


Let me give an insight of how it works for me:
1. A CSV file is created in unix at a specified location.
2. Using ULTRAEDIT software(installed on windows client) FTP is configured to access the unix server.
3. Open the file stored in unix through ULTRAEDIT from windows.
4. MAKE changes to the file from ultraedit in windows.
5. SAVE it and close ULTRAEDIT.
The changes will be automatically reflected in unix without having the need to FTP it.
OWB accesses the CSV file from unix and does further processing.
Not sure if OPs can do this but this is probably the easiest way of achieving what he wants and this approach works very well for me.

October 11, 2015

How to use csv files in OWB

Hi Experts I have one UNIX server and i my user is putting the csv files on windows machine. I want 1. If User put some new csv file in windows machine it should automatically reflect in UNIX machine. 2. If user enter some data in windows csv files t

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