How to use BULK COLLECT in Oracle Forms 11g


Forms is showing error that "Feature is not support in Client Side Program" when i am trying to impliment Bulk collect in Forms 11g.
i need to load full data from DB to my form becuase using cursor is very slow....
Is there any method/Work around to achieve this ....


type arr is table of emp%rowtype ;
lv_arr arr;
select * bulk collect in to lv_arr from emp;
/*written code here to process the data and write in to file*/
end;Unless you are inserting/updating the data you are holding in the array into a database table I don't think there is much peformance gain in using bulk-collect in conjunction with writing a file. Bulk processing will increase performance by minimizing context switches from the SQL to the PL/SQL engine, nothing more, nothing less.
In any case bulk processing is not available in forms, if you really need to make use of it you need to do it in a stored procedure.

October 11, 2015

How to use BULK COLLECT in Oracle Forms 11g

Forms is showing error that "Feature is not support in Client Side Program" when i am trying to impliment Bulk collect in Forms 11g. i need to load full data from DB to my form becuase using cursor is very slow.... Is there any method/Work aroun

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