How to start Oracle Report Builder in Linux


Hi all
Can someone please help by telling how can i start Oracle Report Builder in Linux????
Thank you and best regards to all


there should be a script
in ORACLE_HOME/bin for 10.1.2.
in ORACLE_INSTANCE/config/reports/bin for 11g
Of course, you need to have a "X Display Server " up and running and the variable DISPLAY must be set to this "X Display Server "
Example :
export DISPLAY=123.456.789.12:0

October 11, 2015

How to start Oracle Report Builder in Linux

Hi all Can someone please help by telling how can i start Oracle Report Builder in Linux???? Thank you and best regards to allHello, there should be a script in ORACLE_HOME/bin for 10.1.2. in ORACLE_INSTANCE/config/reports/bin for 11g Of

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