How to remove NO Button on dialog page


Hello friends,
i want to remove no button on my dalog page how to do? my code is below , below this code still i can see on dialog page no button.. can any one help me out..
OADialogPage dialogPage = new OADialogPage(OAException.WARNING,descMesg, null,"" ,"" );
System.out.println("Entering To Delete");


You can specify your own button bar with the required buttons.
Extract from Developer's guide.
The setFooterNestedRegionCode and setFooterNestedRegionApplicationID methods in the OADialogPage class have been deprecated.
If you use the standard OK/NO buttons provided on the dialog page, you do not need to make any changes.
However, if you are using the OADialogPage.setFooterNestedRegionCode and OADialogPage.setFooterNestedRegionApplicationID methods to render customized buttons under the footer region, you must update your code to use the new method OADialogPage.setPageButtonBarRegionRefName instead. This new method lets you set a reference to a page button bar region, built declaratively with OA Extension. You can add any number of custom buttons to the page button bar region. OA Framework renders the page button bar region under the footer. Adding your custom content to a page button bar region allows the page buttons to be rendered and positioned in the proper places specified by the latest UI standards. To render the Return To navigation link under the footer, use the existing setReturnToLinkLabel and setReturnToLinkURL methods in OADialogPage.
To render a nested region, created with OA Extension, under a dialog page header, use the new OADialogPage.setHeaderNestedRegionRefName method.

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How to remove NO Button on dialog page

Hello friends, i want to remove no button on my dalog page how to do? my code is below , below this code still i can see on dialog page no button.. can any one help me out.. OADialogPage dialogPage = new OADialogPage(OAException.WARNING,descMesg, nul

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