How to open multiple RAW images in Elements 7


With Elements 5 I can open any number of RAW images and process each one separately, one at a time, applying corrections to each image individually in the RAW dialogue, clicking Open Image, repeat.  When done each image is in the work space, allowing me to work further, crop, fix, Save as JPEG, CLOSE, etc.
With Elements 7 the capability to process multiple RAW images in the workspace seems to have degraded.  I must process one RAW image at a time, or open many RAW images, Select All and have the correction(s) I apply to the first RAW image apply to all the RAW images.  The first alternative is very time consuming while the second alternative is not acceptable.
Any help appreciated in how to regain the function I had with Elements 5. 


If I select more than one image in the
left pain, either individually or by
Select All, Elements 7 dutifully opens
the RAW images selected in the
The rub is that Elements 7 then applies
the RAW adjustments from the RAW image
dialogue (e.g., Brightness, Contrast,
Clarity) for the first RAW image to all
the RAW images
before placing them in the workspace for
further editing.
Elements 5 provides a RAW image dialogue
for each RAW image individually, one at
a time, when I open them en masse.   As
near as I can tell, Elements 7 does not,
forcing the user
to either open each RAW image
individually or presume that the RAW
adjustments made to one image should
apply to all the others before opening
them in the workspace for further
This presumption will generally be a bad
presumption, forcing the user to the
one-at-a-time option, which is very,
very slow.
Thank you again,
Paul M.

November 30, -0001

How to open multiple RAW images in Elements 7

With Elements 5 I can open any number of RAW images and process each one separately, one at a time, applying corrections to each image individually in the RAW dialogue, clicking Open Image, repeat.  When done each image is in the work space, allowing

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