How to install Discoverer 11g on Web Logic Server with Forms and Reports 11g Rel2


We finally started to migrate from Oracle iAs 10g Release 2 to Oracle Forms and Reports 11g Release 2 using Web Logic. I don't see an option to install Discoverer on the server.
My OS: windows 2008 R2
Installed Web Logic 10.3.6
Forms & Reports: (64 Bit Forms)
How do I install Discoverer Plus in 11g? All I can find is Discoverer 11g Desktop/Administrator to run on User work Station. We were using discoverer Plus in 10g iAS.


907485 wrote:
I need to install oracle 11g from VNC viewer. The VNC is stalled on linux. I managed login. Now I have a screen that has some icons on the top like, Connection Options, "i", refresh, CTRl, ...
under that I have
Accept clipboard from viewers
Send clipboard to viewers
Send primary selection to viewers
From the Connection Options window, I checked Hextile for Use encoding and Let remote server deal with mouse cursor.
What is next? How do I connect to the server. (When I login I used hostname:1)
Thankyou.we only know what you post.
where does linux reside?
where is VNC installed?

October 11, 2015

How to install Discoverer 11g on Web Logic Server with Forms and Reports 11g Rel2

Hello, We finally started to migrate from Oracle iAs 10g Release 2 to Oracle Forms and Reports 11g Release 2 using Web Logic. I don't see an option to install Discoverer on the server. My OS: windows 2008 R2 Installed Web Logic 10.3.6 Forms & Reports

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