How to install Cisco Device Manger on Window 7


Is Cisco device manager supported on windows 7 ?
If yes how to install Cisco Device Manger on Window 7?
Please advise
Chetan R


You can install the latest DCNM 5.x  for support, please see here:
Support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008
In Cisco DCNM Release 5.1(3u), the Cisco DCNM server supports Windows 2008 and the Cisco DCNM client support Windows 7.
You can download the DCNM from the Software Download. Device Manager is bundled in DCNM.
For DCNM-SAN installation please see here:
I hope this helps.

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How to install Cisco Device Manger on Window 7

Hello Is Cisco device manager supported on windows 7 ? If yes how to install Cisco Device Manger on Window 7? Please advise Thanks Chetan RYou can install the latest DCNM 5.x  for support, please see here:

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