How to import from Panasonic DMC-ZS10 to I Movie?


how to import from Panasonic DMC-ZS10 to I Movie?


You are probably not running the ancient original verion of OS 10.1 as shown! So what version are you running? What mac do you have? What version of iMovie do you have?

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How to import from Panasonic DMC-ZS10 to I Movie?

how to import from Panasonic DMC-ZS10 to I Movie?You are probably not running the ancient original verion of OS 10.1 as shown! So what version are you running? What mac do you have? What version of iMovie do you have?Read other 2 answers

How to import from desktop (file) avchd in FCE4.0.1

I copied from a camera onto my macbook avchd footage for later use in FCE4. I used the importcommand log and transfer. I have three maps; DCIM (empty), MISC (AUTPRINT.MRK) and PRIVATE with a lot of files. I tried all the maps (or files in it) to drag

How to import from iPhoto to Lightroom

I am a beginner--just downloaded trial of Lightroom and can't figure out how to import my photos from iPhoto.  Any help would be appreciated....thanks!To simply import the original files is quite a simple process. Locate the iPhoto Library (default i

How to import from ITunes in normal AAC file? (not protected)

How do I import from Itunes in a normal AAC file? (ideally in 320kbps) but most important, not a protected file! Alternatively, how do I convert from protected aac to normal aac? Tks for you help.Hi, How do I import from Itunes in a normal AAC file?

How to import from iPad to Mac

How to import GarageBand files-from my iPad to my Mac book?Are your GarageBand versions on your iPad and Mac compatible? Check this list: GarageBand for iOS and Mac: Project compatibility If the versions are compatible, you can share the projects on

How to import from existing lightroom to the cloud

How do I get my existing LR photos and catalogs into the new LR CC version? Thanks for your help!If you are importing from a hard drive then you don't need to worry about the right-hand panel in the import dialog. You would locate the folder that you

How do import from iphoto backup disk

My wife cleaned out her iPhoto library the wrong way. She deleted from the albums and said photos are still in the photo library. I made disk backups from Share/Burn for her current albums. I started a new library but can't fine how to import them ba

How do import from DVD?

I've got a band performance on DVD that I want to import and add a reworked soundtrack to (that I've done in GB). I've loaded the DVD and it plays the DVD but I can't work out how to import what I'm seeing on the DVD into iMovie. I try to import but

Import from Panasonic MiniDV tape to iMovie08

Panasonic MiniDV tape camcorder model NV GS 25 GC (Software MotionDV STUDIO that came along with the camera indicates that is is compatible with Windows OS only. The website for the software also indicates compatibility with Windows OS only.) I have

Import from Panasonic HDC-SD5 fails

Hi I'm a newbie to Mac and movie recorders. I just purchased a Panasonic HDC-SD5 today and connected it to the mac (intel, since that seems to be a requirement with AVCHD cams). I open iMovie and it automatically open the import screen. I'm choosing

HT1386 how to import from itunes library to ipod?

I recently bought a Ipod Touch for my daughter for Christmas,I download a cd into my itunes library how can I import it to her Ipod?Copy the /Home/Music/iTunes/ folder in its entirety and the /Home/Library/Preferences/ file to a

How to import from MS Outlook

How do I import my address book from MS Outlook and NOT OUTLOOK EXPRESS Thanks in advanceEd, the simplest solution is to convert your Outlook PST file to standard mbox files using Thunderbird - TB on the PC imports Outlook data just fine and - unlike

Import from Panasonic PV-G150

When I try to import a movie from my Panasonic PV-G150, I get a "Communication Error." Have a firewire plugged in. What gives?I had the same problem. To use the Panasonic PV-GS500 with iMovie on a Mac you need to connect it using firewire to the

RAW Photo Import from Panasonic Lumix

I reviewed this archived discussion thread iphoto and panasonic lumix dmc-fz28 raw (.rw2) files support and thought I found a solution, but the RPP app suggested still doesn't work.  My problem is that my MAC (OS 10.7.4) will not recognize my camera

How to import from

Hello, I am using SQL Server2005 & Oracle10g OS: Windows XP I have tables, view ,function & SP(stored procedure) in SQL SERVER, I want to import all these to my Oracle DB specially SPs how can i import SP to oracle. Regards, ASIFDownload: http://w

How to import from iPhoto 2 to iPhoto 5

Hi all, I wish to import my iPhoto 2 library to my other mac which has iPhoto 5. Is it as simply as moving my iPhoto 2 library folder to my other macs Pictures folder? Are there any issues I should be aware of? ThanksWhat kind of a merge? Do you just

The tab File doesnot show the menuu import, to import favorites, how to import from explorer

I want to import favorites in Firefox, but impossible because the menu item import is not included in teh file menuThat menu item can now be found in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) *Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import & Backup > Import D

How to import from DVD (VOB files)

I have PP CS4 version 4.2.1 and am using it on a Windows 7 - 64 bit machine.  I have tried several different ways to import the VOB files in order to edit.  I am able to view each of the VOB files in the Source Monitor, but I can't seem to put them t

How to import from multiple Cards simultaneously

I would like to know how to ingest multiple cards simultaneously using lightroom. Thank you!Here is a trick to do it: same-time/ Pretty cool and easy to do.Rea

Import from Panasonic NV-GS 320

I've tried several times to capture video from my NV-GS 320 with FCE. It works fine with iMovie, but FCE won't import. It says something like "tape might be damaged". When I import the files captured with iMovie to FCE, they do not show in 16:9