How to get waves maxx audio, dolby sound room for other toshiba laptops?


Hi, I have a A205-S5803 toshiba notebook that previously had vista , then xp, now windows 7 32 professional. I had a problem with xp where the sound volume was quite low even though turned up all the way. However, when I installed windows 7 professional and i think the realtek hd audio driver from toshiba the sound quality/volume greatly, greatly improved. I barely have the volume up below 50% and it is really loud. I even have some cool features-waves maxx audio and dolby sound room which greatly improve volume and sound quality.
I also have a nb305-410bn notebook which is running same windows 7 professional 32 bit but the sound quality is so low and the volume is low too even though settings are to the max. I installed the realtek official drivers which didn't help either. So I thought i would install the drivers from my other notebook since they helped improve the quality of that one. The sound did go up but I didn't get those features the wave and dolby. So I'm wondering has anybody any knowledge of how to enable install those features?


What to say dude. Seems to be something wrong with any system files or registry entries
Why you change something if you have no problems?!
Take my advice and never change a running system ;)
So now to your problem and some hints how to solve this stupid issue!
I would recommend restoring the OS to the early time point. Use the Microsoft tool called system restore.
Possibly you know this tool from the early MS XP OS.
You should find it somewhere in the Accessories.
If this procedure does not help you could use the Toshiba recovery CD and could install the whole OS again!!!
But before you will perform the installation from the recovery CD dont forget to backup your important data!!! ;)

October 11, 2015

How to get waves maxx audio, dolby sound room for other toshiba laptops?

Hi, I have a A205-S5803 toshiba notebook that previously had vista , then xp, now windows 7 32 professional. I had a problem with xp where the sound volume was quite low even though turned up all the way. However, when I installed windows 7 professio

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