How to convert PDF image to excel sheet


    I am trying to convert the PDF image /Text file to Excel sheet then I need to use that data for my reports
Can you please let me know
1) How I can convert the PDF into a excel sheet
2) Which s/w i need to use for that(adobe s/w)
3) do need to purchse any other 3rd pary s/w to use this
s/w - software
PDF Image - scanned document in the image format


You need Acrobat Standard or Pro to convert the scanned image to readable text (OCR) and then save it as a Excel file (if Acrobat recognizes that it's a table, which I doubt it will). Maybe there are some 3rd party plugins that can help you further.

October 11, 2015

How to convert PDF image to excel sheet

Hi,     I am trying to convert the PDF image /Text file to Excel sheet then I need to use that data for my reports Can you please let me know 1) How I can convert the PDF into a excel sheet 2) Which s/w i need to use for that(adobe s/w) 3) do need to

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