How to convert Oracle scheme into UML


I created Oracle scheme with Toad database modeler. I'm interested how I can convert it into UML diagram? Is there any tool that can convert it?


You can use some Tools :-
2-microsoft visio, its contain features that allow you to convert to UML

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How to convert Oracle scheme into UML

I created Oracle scheme with Toad database modeler. I'm interested how I can convert it into UML diagram? Is there any tool that can convert it?You can use some Tools :- 1-altova 2-microsoft visio, its contain features that allow you to convert to UM

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How can we convert Oracle reports into excel. i know there was a thread on this topic which i am not able to find. give the link / help.I found Std Oracle Report output to Excel Sheet has some suggestions. Not being a Reports person anymore I am not

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Hi, I'm using ODI 10g. Before executing the interface in a package i wanted to place my Procedure. I created following procedure in d/b (target) CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE TEST_MY_NEW_PROCE AS BEGIN DELETE FROM EMPLOYEE_TABLE WHERE EMPLOPYEE_ID LIKE

How to convert oracle DDL to mysql DDL

Dear friends, I have Oracle 9.2.0 DDL, (not complexity, no BLOB or CLOB data type, but have foreign key constrains), I want to convert it to mysql DDL, so I can create mysql database using this DDL. could someone give a hint of how to convert it? tha

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Im running a Mac OS X 10.5.8, and my iTunes version is 10.5.2. I want to convert .MP3 files into .AAC using iTunes, but no option is given for me. What should I do?im not going to change all my songs into AAC, I was experiementing around with making

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How to import a schema into the Oracle Database -

Hi I have downloaded schema (spatial MVDemo schema) from oracle. To implement a functionality in obiee 11g i need to import the downloaded schema in to Oracle database. some one please give me step by step commands to acheve the same by using sql plu

How to convert xml data into html format in bpel

Hi , Can any one tel me how to conevrt xml into html in oracle bpel. Does bpel support this functionality or not. Regards, Ana Edited by: user10181991 on Apr 5, 2009 11:16 PMAna, We are doing the same thing--using one variable with the schema as the