How to convert oracle DDL to mysql DDL


Dear friends,
I have Oracle 9.2.0 DDL, (not complexity, no BLOB or CLOB data type, but have foreign key constrains), I want to convert it to mysql DDL, so I can create mysql database using this DDL. could someone give a hint of how to convert it? thank you very much in advance!
besides, could some one tell me if I can get oracle 9.2.0 DDL through JDBC? how?
thanks again!


Hi Sammy,
I'm not sure what you're looking for when you say you'd like to retrieve Oracle DDL. Would you like to know the table definitions (e.g., table names with associated column names and types)? I think java.sql.DatabaseMetaData might be able to help you out if that's what you mean.
I usually just go into SQL*Plus and ask Oracle to describe the tables I need. But perhaps I'm not understanding you.
Yes, I think it's best combine XDoclet and Hibernate. I've been adding XDoclet javadoc tags to my Java classes. There's an Ant task that generates the *.hbm.xml descriptor files for all my classes. There's another Ant task that will take those descriptors and put out the DLL for you. You can change from Oracle to MySQL just by changing the file.
I agree - Hibernate is terrific stuff. I hope it can help you. Sincerely, MOD

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How to convert oracle DDL to mysql DDL

Dear friends, I have Oracle 9.2.0 DDL, (not complexity, no BLOB or CLOB data type, but have foreign key constrains), I want to convert it to mysql DDL, so I can create mysql database using this DDL. could someone give a hint of how to convert it? tha

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