How to convert HL7 file into an XML


Hi All,
I am new to HL7,can any one tell how to convert HL7 file into an XML.Give sample demo or related links.
My sample HL7 file is as follows how can I convert.
FHS|^~\&||Tax ID123^Lab Name123^L|||201110191435||HL7.txt||1234567|123||
PID|seqno|123||john^chambers^^Dr^Dr|2456 california ave^San jose^CA^85254|19601212|M
FHS|^~\&||Tax ID123^Lab Name123^L|||File Creaqted Date|File Security|FileName||File HeaderComment||Facility|FileCreatedDateTime|File Security|File Name|File Header Comment|FileControlId|Reference File Control ID|
<FileSendingApplication> </FileSendingApplication>
<TaxID>Tax ID123</TaxID>
<LabName>Lab Name123</LabName>
<seqno> </seqno>
<patientId>Tax ID123</patientId>
<LastName>Lab Name123</LastName>
<Title> </Title>


Hi Prabu,
With input as in single line I'm able to get the the output but with the multiple lines of input,error was occured.Any suggestions.
Error while translating. Translation exception. Error occured while translating content from file C:\temp\sampleHL7.txt Please make sure that the file content conforms to the schema. Make necessary changes to the file content or the schema.
The payload details for this rejected message can be retrieved.          Show payload...

November 30, -0001

How to convert HL7 file into an XML

Hi All, I am new to HL7,can any one tell how to convert HL7 file into an XML.Give sample demo or related links. My sample HL7 file is as follows how can I convert. FHS|^~\&||Tax ID123^Lab Name123^L|||201110191435||HL7.txt||1234567|123|| PID|seqno|123

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