How to call Reports in oracle forms 10g


Dear All,
How to call Reports in oracle forms 10g.
I am using Oracle Forms 10g Reports 10g and Database 10 and and Operating system Windows XP.
Please give me the Solution.
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Hi Omkar,
Please check the following code.
  v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
  rep_status VARCHAR2(20);
  plid ParamList;
  plid := Get_parameter_List('tmp');
  IF NOT Id_Null(plid) THEN
  Destroy_parameter_List( plid );
  plid := Create_parameter_List('tmp');
  Add_parameter(plid, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_parameter, 'NO');
  v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,plid);
  rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);
  rep_status := report_object_status(v_rep);
I am used to Start the Report sever   'Rwserver Server=prod_Report_Server Start'
OracleAS Report Services
Version :-
Name    :-   prod_report_server
Status  :-   Server is Shutting down
Jobs in Queue  0
Active Engines  0
I got the Following Error when I trying to run the Report
FRM-41211: Integration error:SSL failure running another product
Thanks and Regards,

October 11, 2015

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Dear All, How to call Reports in oracle forms 10g. I am using Oracle Forms 10g Reports 10g and Database 10 and and Operating system Windows XP. Please give me the Solution. Thanks and Regards, FaziludeenHi Omkar, Please check the following code. DECL

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