How to access Business object type attribute from a method/function modul ?


i have created a business object type object along with attributes and methods. Now inside the method i want to access the attributes. inside the method i am writing:
data a type XXX.
a = me->attribute
this is creating a compilation error.
Now the method is defined as a function module in some package, so can anyone inform me how to access object attributes from the function module ?
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thanks for your answer, but this too did not work, "=>" is for static attributes and the attributes i have are not static. Moreover, i tried it but it gave the same error :
the abap error was when i was checking the code is :
the type me=>documenttype is unknown
as you know in SWO1 i created an object and when i create a method you link it to a function module and this is where you have the implementation of the method, so from this method how can i access the attributes on the main object that i created in SWO1

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How to access Business object type attribute from a method/function modul ?

Hello, i have created a business object type object along with attributes and methods. Now inside the method i want to access the attributes. inside the method i am writing: data a type XXX. a = me->attribute this is creating a compilation error. Now

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