How do I update template-related files on remote server


I've created a template as a way to keep the pages consistent across my intranet site but when I need to make changes to the template, I'm unsure how to update the remote files to follow the changes. In order to update locally, I go to Modify>Templates>Update Pages but how do I get my remote files to sync to the local file changes created by the template change? Is there a setting somewhere that allows remote files to follow local file settings that have been changed by a template?


I don't necessarily need FTP setup since the remote server is local as well (intranet site on web server located in-house). But I've tried syncing the files within the files panel group by doing Site>Synchronize and choosing "Entire Site" and "Put Newer Files to Remote". It then analyzed the files for a while but didn't do any updating after all its analyzing. Is this what you're talking about, Thuy?

October 11, 2015

How do I update template-related files on remote server

I've created a template as a way to keep the pages consistent across my intranet site but when I need to make changes to the template, I'm unsure how to update the remote files to follow the changes. In order to update locally, I go to Modify>Templat

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