How do I keep track of dialog boxes?


If I have a three question test, How do I keep track of the answers?


OK a bit of sanity.
you have a 3 question test.
presumably you have a 3 element array of questions (Strings?)
String[] questions = {"What is 1 + 1","What is 2 + 2","What is 3 + 3"};
in a loop you ask each question, then get the response to each.
String answer = .....readLine();
if you change this to an object
class Question
  String question;
  String answer;
  public Question (String q){question = q;}
}then your array looks like this
Question[] questions = {new Question("What is 1 + 1"), etc
so now the display of the question changes from
likewise for the answer
String answer = .....readLine();
questions[x].answer = .....readLine();
now, in your Question array, each 'question' stores the answer received

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How do I keep track of dialog boxes?

If I have a three question test, How do I keep track of the answers?OK a bit of sanity. you have a 3 question test. presumably you have a 3 element array of questions (Strings?) String[] questions = {"What is 1 + 1","What is 2 + 2",&qu

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