How can i create a drop down menu for set qty in my store?


I'm wondering how i can create a drop down menu for the qty module that sits on the individual product page. My client sells in quantities of 6 packs. I currently have the minimum order at 6 but i would like to give consumers the option for 6,12,18...and so forth. I was told that it could be accomplished? Hopefully someone can help me.


Hi Chris -
Thank you for your reply! I had seen your article before, and just now again attempted to follow it, but I get stuck. There are two things that I'm confused by.
First off, toward the top, referring to the initial button, you say to add this interaction:
ON CLICK; Play Transition to comboBox: selected
ON ROLL OUT; Play Transition to comboBox normal if comboBox is in over state
ON ROLL OVER; Play Transition to comboBox over if comboBox is in normal
However, I do not see these transition options. When I select the button, the only interactions I have are to Play transistion to state, Play action sequence, Go to URL, and two for videos. So that's the first roadblock for me.
But, trying to get passed that, I went down to the portion of the article that refers to adding interaction to the dataset items. Again, I don't get it, as I see no way to add interaction to a dataset item. When I open my design-time data menu, I do see the items, and am able to rename each item, add additional rows, and change the shape of the datalist layout. However, I see no way to add an interaction to a dataset item. I must be missing a step ... Can you help with this?
Again, thank you!

October 11, 2015

How can i create a drop down menu for set qty in my store?

I'm wondering how i can create a drop down menu for the qty module that sits on the individual product page. My client sells in quantities of 6 packs. I currently have the minimum order at 6 but i would like to give consumers the option for 6,12,18..

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