Help! My  Oracle Form builder 11g can't conect Oracle database(11g/10g)


I have installed
1.Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Standard edtion
2.WebLogic Server (10.3.3)
3.Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer (
after install I try run the test.fmx is ok!
But I want used form builder 11g connect my database 11g(installed at same host),
It connect appeared ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name.
I search all about middleware folder in my PC , then find two tnsnames files and two sqlnet.ora
the sqlnet.ora content is
the tnsnames.ora content is(copy same content from oracle database 11g's tnsnames.ora)
The I update all of my PC's tnsnames.ora like above string,but it always not work
somebody help me,thanks!!


I was able to connect to a database with Forms 11g by adding an Environment variable TNS_ADMIN and pointing this to the directory where the sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora files are located. I was unable to find a Net Configuration Assistant in Forms 11g and placing a copy of .ora files in the /%11G HOME/NETWORK/ADMIN didn't work either. Only after I added the environment variable was I able to connect.
There might be a "More Appropriate" solution, but this is what worked for me. We are just now testing 11g, but are still developing with 10g R2.
Hope this helps,
Craig B-)
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Help! My  Oracle Form builder 11g can't conect Oracle database(11g/10g)

I have installed 1.Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Standard edtion 2.WebLogic Server (10.3.3) 3.Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer ( after install I try run the test.fmx is ok! But I want used form builder 11g connect my database 11g(inst

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