Function Module to Edit Billing Document Header (table VBRK)


Hi all,
Can someone tell me if there is a function module that can edit the billing document header please?  I do not need to created the billing document, it already exists.  I just need to edit specific fields.
Many thanks.


The requirement is to update these 2 fields in the table VBRK:
BSTNK_VF (customer po number)
ZUONR (assignment number)
The client uses these 2 fields for non-standard purposes.
Actually I was already trying to use the FM RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_UPDATE, but I am unable to make it work, for some reason. 
For that function, I only passed VBRK as table, nothing else.  Specifically, I retrieved the header from VBRK, modify the 2 fields, then pass it to the VBRK table parameter of the function.

November 30, -0001

Function Module to Edit Billing Document Header (table VBRK)

Hi all, Can someone tell me if there is a function module that can edit the billing document header please?  I do not need to created the billing document, it already exists.  I just need to edit specific fields. Many thanks.The requirement is to upd

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