Function module: bpc application to DSO


Hi friends,
i'm trying to write bpc application data to DSO via BADI.  Is there any function module to update DSO?


Hi Naresh,
It is important to use the right kind of DSO. Only DSOs for Direct Update support writing with a function module.
The different types of DSO are discussed here: []
DSO for Direct Update is discussed specifically here: []
That second link also contains references to all the function modules that are available for writing to this type of DSO.
Good luck!

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Function module: bpc application to DSO

Hi friends, i'm trying to write bpc application data to DSO via BADI.  Is there any function module to update DSO? Thanks,Hi Naresh, It is important to use the right kind of DSO. Only DSOs for Direct Update support writing with a function module. The

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