Font Being Stretched in 1080p30 Timeline...


I'm encountering an issue I've never seen before. I have a 1080p30 HDV project with font in it in a few spots. In the canvas the font looks completely fine. When I export my video using compressor for 1280x720 it stretches the font tall and skinny. I cannot figure out what the problem is.
Do I need to create a new timeline set at 1280x720 and drop my project in there in order for this to keep it's proper aspect ratio? Will that effect the aspect ratio of the video since it was all shot at 1440x1080?


Hi my sequence settings are set to HDV 1080p30 so they are correct. I don't understand why it would change the font only from Compressor...

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Font Being Stretched in 1080p30 Timeline...

I'm encountering an issue I've never seen before. I have a 1080p30 HDV project with font in it in a few spots. In the canvas the font looks completely fine. When I export my video using compressor for 1280x720 it stretches the font tall and skinny. I

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