Flash CS 5.5 Crashes when selecting Text Tool


Need some help here.  Trying to work on a project for class and everytime I select the text tool (menu bar/tool bar/keyboard shortcut) it crashes...I have tried using both purchased product and trial version.  Getting no help from support when I chat or call in.  If anyone has had this problem can you throw some help me way??


Well, wonky extension seems like a good idea, but can be withdrawed because I haven't installed one.
The font issue is also equally probable. As already mentioned: The interesting aspect here is, that both InDesign CS6 and CC will crash. It happened the first time when Windows decided to blue screen and f*** up my account (I wasn't able to log in anymore, I had to made a new one). I once read in another thread that there is a problem occuring when having multiple Windows accounts with InDesign running. Re-installing InDesign didn't help. Font problem after all?
I have installed at the moment:
and some small others, like: dp4 Font Viewer or FontViewOk

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Flash CS 5.5 Crashes when selecting Text Tool

Need some help here.  Trying to work on a project for class and everytime I select the text tool (menu bar/tool bar/keyboard shortcut) it crashes...I have tried using both purchased product and trial version.  Getting no help from support when I chat

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