Fixed asset import problem because of validation


Hi all,
I have a problem caused by the validation of the import tool for fixed asset.
Because the customer is using a depreciation method starting on the first day of the next period I cannot import the remaining life in months properly. 
Here are the facts for my example:
- Fiscal year from January to December
- 36 months linear depreciation
- Import done on Jan 1 2009
- Asset bought in March 2008
- Start depreciation in April 2008
As per the validation in the import tool I need to put 26 months remaining but the reality is 27 months remaining.
What can I do to solve this issue?


Hi Michel,
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October 11, 2015

Fixed asset import problem because of validation

Hi all, I have a problem caused by the validation of the import tool for fixed asset. Because the customer is using a depreciation method starting on the first day of the next period I cannot import the remaining life in months properly.  Here are th

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