Firewire Audio interface with 4 inputs?


Hi, as a band we've decided we want to be able to record our drums and bass tracks on one take, then add the other instruments as tracks afterwards.
Our drum has 4 mics (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, ride) and the bass we'd plug directly into the interface.
I imagine getting an interface with 5 inputs is unlikely, so we could sacrifice the ride and put that on afterwards, which would free up one input for the bass guitar.
We were looking at this interface:
which I think would work well, but it's 499$ (Canadian) and if we could find a Firewire interface with 4 inputs which are XLR and 1/4", we'd probably go for that instead. Also, two of the microphones are condenser mikes, so they'd need phantom power.
I've done searches online and I seem to only be able to find interfaces that are minimum 8, or max 2 XLRs.


Its there on the link
Inputs 3 and 4 are stunningly flexible balanced universal inputs. Firstly, they operate exactly as inputs 5 to 8 on the rear and can be adjusted to accept standard studio input levels (+4 dBu, LoGain). Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line (10 kOhm) to Instrument (470 kOhm). An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB (in steps of 0.5 dB) is also available. In short: There's no signal that these inputs can't deal with perfectly!
Just get two Balance to XLR plug/Cables.

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Firewire Audio interface with 4 inputs?

Hi, as a band we've decided we want to be able to record our drums and bass tracks on one take, then add the other instruments as tracks afterwards. Our drum has 4 mics (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, ride) and the bass we'd plug directly into the interfa

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