Final Cut Noob question


Hi all,
New to Final Cut after sending my Avid packing. I won't miss it. I used Media 100 and Premier for years back in the 90's, so the Final Cut interface feels very familar. The one question I have is, can you turn off the video that displays over most of the screen during capture. This stuttering video drives me nuts and It covers most of the timeline and canvas. The capture display shows a set of color bars and says video disabled during this. I'm sure that you can display the video in this screen during capture by setting the video display settings, but between reading the manual and turning to my computer, my mind seems to be dropping a few frames. Can anyone lead me in the right direction. Thanks!


Nope, I'm afraid you will have to put up with that stuttering silent video .......... it can't be turned off - or the sound turned on.
The fact that it is covering part of the FCE interface should not matter as it is very inadviseable to attempt to use your computer whilst it is capturing.
If you don't like it, stick a plant pot in front of the monitor.

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Final Cut Noob question

Hi all, New to Final Cut after sending my Avid packing. I won't miss it. I used Media 100 and Premier for years back in the 90's, so the Final Cut interface feels very familar. The one question I have is, can you turn off the video that displays over

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