Final Cut Express 4 Keeps Quitting Unexpectedly?


So, on my old computer, I had Final Cut Express 4. However, that computer crashed and is no longer in use, resulting in all applications and documents from my old computer being transferred into a hard drive. I plugged in my hard drive to my new computer, and when I try to open Final Cut Express, almost immediately a small window pops up saying "The application Final Cut Express quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected." I had MANY times try to click relaunch, then reset and relaunch, but the same window appears each time. What should I do? Will my Final Cut EVER be able to work on this computer or any other? Or will I have to purchase a new one? Thanks SO much!


My suggestion:
Remove FCE withhttp:
Then reinstall from your FCE disc.

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Final Cut Express 4 Keeps Quitting Unexpectedly?

So, on my old computer, I had Final Cut Express 4. However, that computer crashed and is no longer in use, resulting in all applications and documents from my old computer being transferred into a hard drive. I plugged in my hard drive to my new comp

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With all of the discussion here about rendering, I thought I'd let folks know that that 'ol bug that plagued Final Cut Pro for so long (and perhaps still does) is present in Final Cut Express 4.0.1 too: render files sometimes end up inside the packag

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Can you install final cut express 4.0 on multiple mac's?I installed FCE on my Macbook and my iMac but when they are open at the same time and I'm connected to the internet the last one to open says I have to quit because of a"Protection Error".