FCPX - How to get this effect


I am in total awe of the effect in this video. Can someone tell me how to achieve it in FCPX? A video is playing through the silouette of a man's body or so it seems.


I see Sting, a daylight shot of people walking around and a "nighttime" clip as an overall background (the two scenes: walking people and the darker background are the same "scene" (same angle) -- one populated by people (in "clean environment") and the other -- everything overgrown by vines -- Sting cuts a silhouette of the walking people over the scene overgrown by vines... and in the dark.
You can do a similar effect by using the same clip (duplicated) as the lighter and darker scenes and colorize (manipulate the exposure of)  the "background" scene as something darker -- or simply different.
Anyway, there are 3 basic clips involved.
I'm going to modify my original suggestion somewhat (silhouette luma doesn't really work as well as I expected it to):
I duplicated the effect here (but not with the best material - the dark jacket doesn't really improve the effect):
This is the set up for the two clips that make the compound. The top clip is the green screen keyed and the blend mode set to Stencil Alpha (a change from my original post). It creates a mask for the background in the shape of the green screened person. The background/lower layer is the clip with the lighter/normal exposure (similar to the people walking around clip.)
In the storyline (moved back out of the compound) the compound video is synchronized over the same background clip IN the compound (in the Sting version - the background scene is overgrown with vines and there are no people, but it is the same camera POV as the walking people layer) [The red X indicates that the top layer is currently disabled -- I bring it back in below.]
In this image -- I have applied a deep darkening (global setting) in the selected (storyline) layer.
Finallly, the green screen clip is overlaid on top of everything, and the opacity is set to about 85% (in this example.) 
HTH (and hope it's clear)

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FCPX - How to get this effect

I am in total awe of the effect in this video. Can someone tell me how to achieve it in FCPX? A video is playing through the silouette of a man's body or so it seems. http://youtu.be/KLVq0IAzh1AI see Sting, a daylight shot of people walking around an

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