FCE4 Failure to Ingest Marked Clips


My question regards ingesting only portions of clips using the mark in/out function of the AVCHD log and transfer process. I've been editing successfully with FCE4 for a year now, but the program will only ingest entire clips. If I mark in and out points in the Log and Transfer window, the ingest fails, showing the red exclamation point. This is not a problem for short clips, but sometimes I have a 15 minute interview and only want one or two snippets. Ingesting the entire clip takes huge amounts of space on the hard drive after transcoding. I've set the preferences to plain stereo, tried every possible fix I've read about but nothing helps this problem. I'm shooting on a Panasonic AG-HMC150 and editing on a supercharged 17" MacBook Pro. Everything works great except for this sometimes bothersome issue. Any suggestions or is this a FCE4 problem?


My apologies for taking up space here unnecessarily! After I posted my questions, more pertinent questions and answers re AVCHD logging and transferring came up and I found that Tom has answered someone else about making sure the AIC codec exactly matched the media setting! I had shot 1440 x 1080 but had the FCE setting for 1920 x 1080!
Thanks much for the accumulated wisdom here; I will continue to read and learn - LH

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FCE4 Failure to Ingest Marked Clips

My question regards ingesting only portions of clips using the mark in/out function of the AVCHD log and transfer process. I've been editing successfully with FCE4 for a year now, but the program will only ingest entire clips. If I mark in and out po

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Disclaimer: Apple does not necessarily endorse any suggestions, solutions, or third-party software products that may be mentioned in the topic below. Apple encourages you to first seek a solution at Apple Support. The following links are provided as

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