Exporting Multiple Images from Library - Resized CP4 to CP5 Project


I am getting corrupt files when attempting to export multiple images at once:
OS: Occurs on both Win 7 and XP
Source: CP4 project imported to CP5. Original CP4 project was captured at 1024x768 and later resized to 1024x738.
1. Open Library Backgrounds folder.
2. Select more than one background image
3. Right-click over selected objects
4. Click Export from the context menu
'Browse for folder' dialog appears.
5. Select a folder
6. Click OK
Files are created in folder, but are corrupt. When exporting the same images individually, they come out fine. Individual image export file size ends up ~ 2MB each. Multiple image export file sizes end up ~60kb. All are exported as .bmp (not given a choice when exporting multi-select).
Multiple file export works fine in a new CP5-native project.
I've reported it as a bug.


What version of Aperture do you have? This is simple with AP3. Fle -> Export -> Project as New Library. At the far end, Import Library....

November 30, -0001

Exporting Multiple Images from Library - Resized CP4 to CP5 Project

I am getting corrupt files when attempting to export multiple images at once: OS: Occurs on both Win 7 and XP Source: CP4 project imported to CP5. Original CP4 project was captured at 1024x768 and later resized to 1024x738. 1. Open Library Background

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