Exporting from Premiere CS5


I need some help exporting video files, I know nothing.
I'm using Premiere CS5. I import a 31.5mb (1:35s length) .mov, chop the first 12 seconds, add a Dip to Black on the beginning and end. Then I choose File/Export/Media, choose QuickTime, uncheck the "Export Audio" (I do not want the sound) then click "Export." I end up with a 300mb file. I don't understand why the file is 10x larger than what I started with???
Ultimately, I need to create a video file that will be linked from a PowerPoint presentation.
Any other advice for exporting video from Premiere CS5 would be greatly appreciated! Like what's the best for web?


How does one change the bitrate?
Even though it's in the AME Help file:
Adobe Media Encoder CS5 & CS5.5 * Export settings reference

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Exporting from Premiere CS5

I need some help exporting video files, I know nothing. I'm using Premiere CS5. I import a 31.5mb (1:35s length) .mov, chop the first 12 seconds, add a Dip to Black on the beginning and end. Then I choose File/Export/Media, choose QuickTime, uncheck

Long load times normal for Adobe Media Encoder from Premiere CS5?

When I export a sequence from Adobe Premiere CS5 using Adobe Media Encoder, the system freezes for several minutes before giving me the exporter screen.  Then, when I've loaded my settings and clicked "export," the system again freezes for sever

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Hi Adobe users, I'm a new French user of CS5 Bridge. My question is : Is it possible for me to export pictures from Bridge to Social Media Sites like Facebook & Flickr ? This topic (http://www.tipsquirrel.com/exporting-from-bridge-cs5-to-social-media

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Here are my system specs: iMac (late 2012) Fusion Drive Processor 3.1 GHZ Intel COre i7 Memory 16GB 1600MHZ DDR3 OSX 10.9.1 Running Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1 and FCP X 10.1 Hello there, I have a fairly complex 3:00minute sequence that I want to export fr

Losing audio quality when exporting from premiere pro

I have now had this happen with two different videos. I play the video in premiere pro and the audio is fine. I export the video and lose most of the quality of the audio portion. One project is a music session when exported I only get the main vocal

Export m4v from Premiere CS5 on mac

Hi, I am trying to output a .m4v (one single file that has video and audio together) from Premiere Pro CS5 on mac. Settings I have tired are: h.264 h.264-bluray Apple TV The file will be used on iphone and ipad devices; however, Premiere can only out

CS5.5 Exporting From Premiere Question

If I export directly from Premiere Pro CS5.5 (without going through AME) is there a log of it anywhere? Thanks PhilExporting directly from Premiere is a good idea right?  Pretty sure I read on here that it works a little better than through AME?  If

Why is my video pixelated when exporting from Premiere Pro?

Hi, I'm a musician wanting to make some basic videos for YouTube. The videos will consist of an intro (logo, title etc) and audio playing over a still image which will last the duration of the song. I've edited the still image for the video within Ph

Export from Premiere... "Match Settings"  Or?

Hello All: I have a project in Premiere Pro 5.5   I'm working with AVCHD 1080P footage. I need to export the project out of Premiere Pro C5.5 in a format/quality that will allow me to drop in into another Premiere project (on another computer) runnin

Adobe Media Encoder Fails Export from Premiere

AME will not start the render qeue. I have tried Clip notes and different output types. I have embedded After Effects comps in my Premiere timeline. Could that be a cause? This is my first time working with Premiere and AE together. Error log below:

Exporting from Premiere CS3 to Encore CS3

Hi all, I wonder if anybody has the answer for this. I have been really excited about the new feature that lets us export from a Premier timeline and open straight into an Encore project. But what I want to know is, is it possible to perform this typ

Exporting from Premiere Pro in .mov format

How can I export a video from Premiere Pro CC in .mov format suitable for posting on the Amazon bookselling site?What version of Quicktime do you have installed... and are you Windows or Mac? The PPro/Encore tutorial list in message #3 http://forums.

Export from Premiere Pro for movie at theatre

We have a 1hr 40 minute movie that we plan to show at a local theatre. The theatre says they can show it from DVD or computer. I meet with them this week. The movie is a documentary with just interviews and simple transitions; no special effects (4:3

Export from Premiere Pro

Hi! My problem: When i am trying to export a sequenze from premiere like this: mark the sequenze, file -> export -> media, the program freezes (I only get plings, and nothing happens when I try to do whatever). I have to hit alt + f4, and then premi

Some footage exports jittery from Premiere CS5

This is an issue I'm getting rather inconsistently. I will export series of videos and there are times that just one of them the footage just goes nuts on. I can't really find a rhyme or reason, as I export them all with the same settings in a series

Export from premiere pro cs4 for youtube - new error message from youtube

I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem to me. I am using CS4 on a windows 7 computer. I have a number of films that I am in the proces of exprting for upload to youtube. Since youtube has updated the design and function of it's upload window I

Only one CPU core is working during video export from Premiere Media Encoder

Windows Resource Monitor showed cores 'parked' at first. I was able to turn that feature off using regedit. They no longer say they are parked'. but still only one core is at 100% while the other seven cores are at close to zero %. Windows 7 Ultimate

Export from Premiere Pro in ApplePro Res 422

Hi. I have Premiere Pro 5.5 installed on my Mac. I do also have Quicktime Pro installed. I do NOT have Final Cut Pro. I want to export my movie in Apple Pro Res 422 but Premiere doesn't offer this option. What can I do? Can I download this codec anyw

Audio Levels are completely different when exported from Premiere to Audition?

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I've adjusted the audio gain and volume levels on an interview I'm editing and it sounds pretty darn good in Premiere Pro. I exported the sequence to Audacity to do some hiss removal but quickly realiz